Debi Perkins

Having lived all along the Emerald Coast, the past 20 years have been amazing. The Panhandle of Florida is absolutely breathtaking; surrounded by beautiful water and sand as white as snow, it's easy to see why people from all over the world flock here!

Calling myself an Artist is surreal. I’ve always been the “artsy” type, but not until my 30’s did I really think I could pursue a career in painting. I took a mixed media class one year and decided to take 2 more at what used to be Okaloosa Walton Community College (both in oil painting). That’s when I truly fell in love with the canvas and having paint all over me! Life happened and I’m happy to say it ultimately led me right where I am today.

I’ve held many occupations but none have never been as fulfilling. Here, I am able to embrace my true introvert self and feel like this is what I was meant to do all along. I work best alone and am usually found in the studio (with my old beagle gal, Daisy) listening to whatever I’m in the mood for, painting whatever decides to come out of me. I have tried many mediums, love resin and acrylic abstracts, wish I could master the art of floral oils (I will one day!), and admire those who use watercolor paints. Each medium seems to cater to my different mind-sets, and that’s where the magic happens. I have to really be in tune with myself, otherwise I end up just fighting the fight on canvas. Sometimes I win…sometimes I lose, but it always teaches me something new. I’m very critical of myself and admit that if I can’t find a place to hang my art in our own home, then it isn’t going anywhere else! I hope you enjoy what you see here and if anything, I hope you are inspired to create; or at least start doing something you love. Oh, and believe in yourself. Why not?